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The Treasurer of the San Diego Cursillo Secretariat is a Cursillista volunteer who maintains the bank accounts and reports the financial status of the movement at the monthly Secretariat meetings. (see the San Diego Cursillo Calendar)

The Cursillo Secretariat Treasurer receives the funds of Cursillo and deposits them in the bank account(s), or money instruments, as approved by the Secretariat and pays all bills on behalf of Cursillo. The Treasurer sees to it that the authorized signatories are at a minimum the Treasurer, The Chairperson, and the Diocesan Spiritual Advisor. With the Secretariat's authorization, up to two additional Secretariat member signatories may be authorized for the bank account(s) or money instruments. All accounts or money instruments require two signatures for dispersal of funds. A report of all receipts, disbursements, and bank account balances is made to the Secretariat at each regularly scheduled meeting.

The books are reviewed as directed by the Secretariat and reports of such reviews submitted to the Secretariat in writing. Audits are conducted when deemed appropriate by the Secretariat.

Occasionally, the Treasurer may be requested to handle reservations and other correspondence, when requested by the Chair or Diocesan Spiritual Advisor.

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