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Cursillo is not just a nice three-day weekend retreat. It is the beginning of your Fourth Day. Eduardo Bonin , one of the founders of the Cursillo Movement said, "We must bear in mind that Group Reunions are not held so that there may be people to attend Cursillo, but the Cursillo are held so that there are people to make a Group Reunion. And that the Cursillo is only the best means we know of for putting the soul at the necessary level to begin to make Group Reunion."


When a sponsor agrees to sponsor someone for Cursillo, a commitment is made to assure that person will find a group reunion. It is possible for that person to group with his or her sponsor. It is also possible the new cursillista will not group with his or her sponsor, but the sponsor will make sure that the new cursillista has found someone with whom to group.

SPONSORS!!! If you are not in a group reunion, now would be a good time to start - possibly with your candidate.

If you are having difficulty finding a group that is geographically close you can group over the Internet. Many cursillistas find this is a very effective method for grouping when they are separated geographically. Using e-mail is more private than a chat room. "God created computers, you know!"

If you are not geographically challenged, find a place and time that is comfortable for everyone in the group. Some groups meet at coffee shops, homes. church parish halls or offices. Regardless of where you group each member must make a commitment to be at grouping each week. That is why it is important to find a time and place that works for everyone in the group.

When we group we are reminded of what we learned on the three day weekend about Piety, Study and Action. A vital group reunion is comprised of 3 ingredients -- Personal Growth, Group Building and Mission. Like the tripod of Piety, Study and Action, the group reunion will not be vital if any part of this tripod is missing.

  1. Personal growth—All members of the group need to be willing to identify their personal spiritual gifts, strengths and weaknesses. They need to be willing to examine where they are in their spiritual walk.
  2. Group Building—A group does not become a group overnight. It takes time, caring, sharing, forgiving and affirming. As the group comes together as one, members are able to minister to one another as the Body of Christ. The ability to share intimately about each ones spiritual walk will take time. In order to build that trust requires honesty and trust from everyone in the group. A key requirement of grouping is CONFIDENTIALITY. What is said in the group must stay in the group. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Many groups have dissolved because of a lack of confidentiality. This said, the first group you join may not be the right group for you. If the group doesn’t work out, don’t consider it a failure, consider it a learning experience and find or form another group. Talk to people with whom you share something in common, such as interest, age or children.
  3. Mission—Take responsibility as an individual and as a group to share your life with each other.


The purpose of grouping is to help each other realize his or her full potential in Christ. We help each other come to this point through sympathetic caring, being loving and allowing one another the opportunity to share openly about fears, broken dreams, hopes for tomorrow and successes.


To determine each person’s level of commitment we can categorize our experiences according to 3 levels of sharing – "mouth to mouth", "head to head" and "heart to heart".

a. Mouth to Mouth is level one conversation; it is more like doodling than talking.

b. Head to Head is sharing more seriously, but only ideas that are detached from the individual.

c. Heart to Heart lets the others know where you stand in a relationship to ideas, how you feel about them inside. This communing with one another is where community is built.

Once someone has taken the leap to share "heart to heart" here are some suggestions for the others in the group.

The Group Reunion gives us a nucleus of fellow Christians that will encourage us each week to go into the world to Christianize our environment. It is a group of people that will share our joys and sorrows, our laughter and out tears until we have seen the earthly journey through. In the Eucharistic prayer, we ask God to "Send us out into the world in peace, and grant us strength and courage to love and serve Him with gladness and singleness of heart." A group reunion encourages us to meet the commitment we make after each celebration of the Eucharist. Our prayer for all Christians is that they will find a group reunion to strengthen their walk with Christ.

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