What is the Secretariat?

The Secretariat is the governing body of Cursillos in Christianity for the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego and is accountable to the Ecclesiastical Authority. It has the sole responsibility to formulate policy and operating guidelines for the activities of Cursillo in this See. It operates within adopted bylaws. It is guided by a Pastoral Plan developed with the Ecclesiastical Authority and reviewed annually.

The Secretariat meets once a month to discuss and decide the business of the local Cursillo community. Each member of the Secretariat has a specific responsibility within the community. They each have the responsibility of coordinating the activities of the Servant Community and the Parish Representatives in their appointed areas. Open dialogue between the Parish Representatives and the Secretariat is a vital part of keeping our community's Fourth Day active.

Secretariat Responsibilities:
· Promote the Cursillo Movement.
· Maintain ties with the National Episcopal Cursillo.
· Oversee the work of the Servant Community.
· Establish policies and procedures that will assure an active Fourth Day for Cursillistas.
· Coordinate the campaign for Palanca.
· Foster the spirit of the group reunion among all members of the Cursillo Community.

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