Palanca List #150

Palanca List

Weekend #150 February 22, 2024

Changes to the list will be posted regularly as they happen.

#150 Candidates

02/16/24 (18)

Mary Adams
Karen Benedict
Phal Chourp
Brian Boermeester
Karen Dingwall
Cathy Juarez
Chris Juarez
Brenda Kemp
Chad Kemp
CJ LeBel
Sydney Lowe
Cyndi McClelland
Alicia McEachern *
Jeanette McFadden
Blaise Mostashari
Mary Mussatti
Victoria Velez
Laurie Wadsworth

18 Candidates (4 Men, 14 Women)

Note: Please separate team and candidate Palanca and arrange your Palanca alphabetically by last name. It's helpful to send a couple of extras with no names, if possible, for last minute corrections and changes.

Candidate updates -
2/2/24 updated first name 
2/5/24 - 1 dropped, 3 added
2/8/24 – 3 dropped, 1 added
*2/15/24 – sp. correction
**2/16/24 – 1 dropped





#150 Team

01/30/24 (34)

James Ambasing
Judy Brown
Bryan Chan
Duane Chevalier
Kit Chevalier
Amber Garcia
Humberto Garcia
Fr. Mark Hargreaves
Jill Henderson
Deacon Nancy Holland
Mike Jewett
Fr. Leland Jones
Sheila Jones
Joe Landry
Sunny Landry
Beau Malsbary
Jen Malsbary
Madre Lilia Mendoza
Jill Mora
Ronda Muir
Bart Newsom
Craig Noble
Barbara Peralta
Darryl Peralta
Fr. Brian Petersen
Karen Rice
Ken Rice
Ginny Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez
Peter Sickels
Tim Storey
Jeanna Timan
Alex Tuttle
Jenifer Whaley